News Observer

Attorney Edd K. Roberts III was featured in the News & Observer regarding a murder case of an 11-month old infant, Zavion Haywood. Roberts represented James Fidel Jennings, the boyfriend of Zavion’s mother. The trial lasted three weeks and hinged upon whether Jennings killed Zavion in frustration, or whether the child choked on his own vomit. Roberts argued that the child choked on milk and soft-solid food, which was newly introduced in the child’s diet. Roberts showed through expert witnesses that the child had a documented history in the medical records of choking.

Roberts stated to the jurors, “It’s a tragedy, no question, and it leaves a hole… (But) don’t let emotion spill into the process.” The State could not prove their case that murder was the cause of the infant’s death and Jennings was cleared by the jury of all charges, after spending two and a half years in jail.

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