Felony or Misdemeanor Attorney in Raleigh

A felony or misdemeanor attorney in Raleigh is necessary for any charge which leads to a felony or misdemeanor conviction.  These charges can carry permanent consequences affecting your life, employment, college status, future job opportunities and, in some dire instances. your freedom. For a felony or misdemeanor in Raleigh, whether you are being investigated or you have already been charged, it is crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney explain to you your rights. A misdemeanor offense is no different, as a misdemeanor conviction can have lasting consequences on your ability to advance yourself in employment and provide for your family.

The criminal justice system can be an overwhelming process and it is important to have a competent and experienced felony or misdemeanor attorney in Raleigh that will fight to protect your rights and preserve your future.  I’m board certified in criminal defense law and have the experience to help you with any  major felony or misdemeanor charge or investigation in Raleigh.

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