Edd Roberts was recently reminded of how good it feels to help others- just in time for the holidays. This December, Roberts, along with many other Raleigh criminal defense lawyers, came together to participate in a Pro-Bono expunction clinic in the Chavis Heights Community of Raleigh. Together, they were able to assist with the preparation and filing of 92 petitions to expunge records in one day.

Many residents of this community are held back as adults from mistakes they made decades ago in their youth.  Roberts was amazed at how much need for relief is out there as this group effort prescreened approximately fifteen hundred people for the clinic.  One woman in particular (“Hope”) wanted to open a group home, but had been unable because of mistakes on her record from more than twenty years ago.  After successfully helping her file for the expunction of the charge from her record, Roberts said that playing a small part in her second chance was particularly rewarding.

Lawyers and non-lawyers contributing to happier holidays for the greater Wake County Community:

  • Roberts Law Office (Edd Roberts’ firm) and other local Criminal Defense Firms
  • The Wake County District Attorney’s Office
  • The Wake County Public Defender’s Office
  • Wake County Clerk’s Office
  • NC Legal Aid
  • Justice Served