No more is safe driving and having the vehicle you are driving in proper working order enough to avoid being stopped. If you are driving a vehicle where the registered owner is revoked, law enforcement can pull you over under new law. The NC Court of Appeals in a first impression ruling stated that law enforcement has reasonable suspicion to make an investigatory stop when the vehicle is registered to an owner with a revoked license, absent evidence that the driver is not the owner (State v. Hess, 185 N.C. App. 530, 648 S.E. 2d 913 (2007)). Generally under the fourth Amendment, an investigatory stop must be justified by “reasonable suspicion, based on objective facts, the individual is involved in criminal activity” (State v. Watkins, 337 NC 437, 446 S.E. 2d 67 (1994)). That bright line rule just got a little bigger and our protective freedoms from unreasonable stops and searches under the 4th Amendment just got a little smaller.