Board Certification attained by Edd K. Roberts III.

Edd K. Roberts III recently attained board certification in Federal Criminal Law. This achievement compliments his State Criminal Law Board Certification achieved in 2010.  Less than for 4% of the approximate 40,0000 attorneys in North Carolina have achieved board certification from the North Carolina State Bar.

What Will Be Your Story?

While I never have been one to sing my own praises, I was asked to write an article on “what will be your story,” a question most definitely appropriate to ponder at this stage of my life. Even though I’m nearly fifty, I consider myself a work in progress.

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorneys Spread Holiday Spirit

Edd Roberts was recently reminded of how good it feels to help others- just in time for the holidays. This December, Roberts, along with many other Raleigh criminal defense lawyers, came together to participate in a Pro-Bono expunction clinic in the Chavis Heights Community of Raleigh. Together, they were

DWI Conviction Overturned- Loose Standard of Expert Witness

We are seeing time and time again the expert witness standard being loosely applied in state trial courts. The Appellate Courts, in reviewing these cases, are sending a clear message to the trial courts that these errors are prejudicial, affect the outcome of the case and they will

Expert Witness Standard Overdue for a Facelift

In a recent case from our NC Court of Appeals, one of the Judges concurring with the majority wrote a separate opinion where he declared that in order for the Appellate Courts to have sufficient facts to determine whether a witness is correctly qualified as an expert there

DWI Conviction Vacated in NC

In a recent case from our NC Court of Appeals, the Appellate Court vacated a Defendant’s DWI conviction on the grounds that there was not enough facts to support the checkpoint set up by law enforcement.  The issue was whether the stop of the Defendant’s vehicle was a constitutional violation or not.  The

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