Health care is a high-risk regulatory environment. Despite best efforts of providers to operate in compliance with the complex and frequently changing regulatory requirements, in recent years, all types of health care providers have become targets of government investigations. For this reason, it is critical for health care providers (regardless of type or size) to work with an experienced health care attorney that can advise on how to prevent regulatory violations, as well as help identify and address known or potential compliance issues. Our team provides counsel on the full spectrum of regulatory compliance matters, and we assist clients with:

• Compliance Education;

• Compliance Program Development, Implementation, and Assessment;

• Internal Compliance Audits under the Attorney-Client Privilege; and

• Self-Disclosures and Voluntary Refunds.

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    Erin Roberts

    Attorney Erin Jochum Roberts has been providing a full range of services to doctors, nurses, administrators, and other health care professionals for over the past 13 years.

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